Coco (the 'Superstar') - Pet Photography in Kent & Sussex

It's funny what a bit of sausage does for one's ability to hold a dog's attention...

Coco came into the studio with her Mum & Dad and pretty much rocked it. I did Georgie & Brendan's wedding and remember laughing at the Best Man's speech when it got to the bit about a dog being an essential for Georgie (I heartily agree). Coco was actually arranged in the build up to the wedding and collected on their return from honeymoon. I was lucky enough to meet her as a little puppy when they came round to view their wedding photos. She was adorable then and is super sweet now. Such a gentle and fun spirit. I loved having her in.

I wanted to take a few slightly different shots with Coco as an integral part of the family so I was delighted when we managed to get these two shots. Isn't she just gorgeous?!

These are going to look amazing on the wall! Thanks so much for coming in - it was great to see you & to see how Coco has grown up. x

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