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Please not that from October 2012 this blog is now CLOSED and I am moving over to a brand new website and blog. It will be great to combine information AND latest shoots.

I look forward to seeing you there -


Master Photographers Association South East Regional Awards 2012 - Success At Last!

Last year I won a few 2nd and 3rd places so I decided to go all out and try very hard to get a win this year. I knew that we had two brilliant judges - Martin Grahame-Dunn and Kevin Pengelly - so I put two heads on when I did my image selection. Two thirds were very classic in nature while the other third were from last year's series on children - still classic but much stronger in tone and composition.

The video is above (click on photo) and here is the full list of my wins:
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Classical Portraiture WINNER
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Family Portraiture WINNER
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Wedding Party (Bridal Party) WINNER
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Press & PR WINNER
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Child Portraiture Award of Excellence Joint 2nd Place
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Child Portraiture Award of Excellence Joint 2nd Place
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Family Portraiture Award of Excellence 2nd Place
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Wedding Photojournalism Award of Excellence 2nd Place
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Press & PR Award of Excellence 2nd Place

MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Classical Portraiture Merit 3rd Place
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Contemporary Wedding Merit 3rd Place
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Child Portraiture Merit
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Child Portraiture Merit
MPA South East Regional Awards 2012 Classical Wedding Merit

I can't explain how it felt to win 14 awards which must have been a third of the overall awards. And more importantly I won four categories. And when I look at where I won I am so pleased that it was with work that I really love doing - portraits & weddings. The win for Press & PR (along with 2nd place in that category) was an added bonus. I spend around 10% of my year working with businesses.

Interestingly I won both the wedding group and family group categories. I try very hard with all of my groups whether during a wedding or a family portrait shoot and I am thrilled to be recognised for this skill. I believe very strongly that whoever you hire to do a grouping should know what they are doing. Not only does it make the session go smoothly, but it also gives clients photographs that they can be proud of for many generations to come. There is nothing worse that taking time to do family groups on a wedding only for the bride's mother's feet to look ungainly in the final photographs. Perish the thought!

Huge thanks to Rebecca for her guidance - she also helped me gain my Associateship of the Master Photographers Association last year - and to Martin & Kevin for their judging. I learned a huge amount from them both and they made everything so fun and interesting. And to Claire & Sarah for putting on a very professional day. I am beyond impressed.

Not quite sure how I can top all of this in 2013???!!!

Portraits at Vintage Nation, Brighton Racecourse (East Sussex) - 9th June 2012

Wow, what amazing weather yesterday! Horrendous drizzly rain for days and horrible again today with a sunny break for Vintage Nation at Brighton Racecourse. What a relief!

To see a few shots of some of the Festival-goers please click HERE or on the photo below. I'm afraid the slideshow only works on computers (not iPhones/iPads). 

I was so impressed with everyone's outfits and it seemed a shame to choose only 30ish people but to me these showed a wonderfully eclectic mix of visitors there to shop, listen to music, eat, drink and have a generally chilled out time.

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair organised the festival in association with Crabbie's, with Hairport doing a roaring trade in hair dos in their very smart lounge. Downstairs the traders sold clothing, furniture, toys, homewares etc. and there was music everywhere, running through the decades with something for everyone. I'm afraid I wimped out at around 5pm so I missed the evening's entertainment but it promised to be fantastic.

I decided to be civilised and set up in the Tea Rooms and big thanks to Kevin and Sharon from Old Time Tea Time for helping me (I am SO grateful). They provided gorgeous vintage crockery so that everyone could have wonderfully civilised afternoon tea. My flag looked great in the surroundings and big thanks to Judy, Ruth, and the 5-year old little girl with the new haircut who helped me with my reflector. 

Thank you especially to the forty-three people who kindly allowed me to photograph them. You were all fabulous! 'll get your shots to you by next Saturday. x


Diamond Jubilee Festival - Battersea Park, London 3 June 2012

Huge thanks go to the eighty five fantastic participants in the Vintage Village at the Diamond Jubilee Festival yesterday who allowed me to take their photograph as part of the 'Best in Show' catwalk.

Either click on the photo below or click HERE to see the slideshow. Please note that this is a flash slideshow so you'll have to find a regular computer to see it (not available on iPhones and iPads).

Hope you like them! If you do please leave a comment below.

I will email your photos by the end of the this week and to all under 18s this is the only place that your photos will appear. Simply email me the code I gave you and I will send your photo asap.

Regrettably the decade themed shows had to be cancelled due to the rain which made walking down the catwalk precarious to say the least. It was left to the Style Spotters with their 'Best in Show' rosettes simply to congratulate people who they felt had made a great effort in the style stakes. 

Hemingway Design who co-curated the Festival very kindly invited me to take photographs of anyone who the Style Spotters felt deserved a photograph as a memento of a terrific Festival. Obviously losing the six catwalk shows (that were to be held on the half hour from 1:30pm onwards) meant that I had to improvise slightly to get people to come along to the marquee for a photograph in front of my lovely vintage Union Jack. I have to say that everyone was very game and jolly despite the rain. [The reason I was asked is because I did a set of formal portraits during the Royal Wedding last year - click HERE for details - which have a very unique and vintagey feel]

The brief yesterday from Hemingway Design was to ensure that people had fun so although I like non-smiling portraits I really couldn't ask people not to smile on a day full of such joy. I tried a serious expression where possible but I did let quite a few smiles through too.

Thanks especially to Charlotte for her sterling help - these really wouldn't have looked as good without you. To the Style Spotters for being upbeat and encouraging all day. To Abdul for getting the flag up (and down). To Leona and everyone at Hemingway Design for having me with them on such a special day. And of course to the acts that kept the catwalk bopping throughout the afternoon:

The Polka Dot Dolls, Elle & the Pocket Belles, Jimmy & the Lips, and last but not least to host Count Indigo

I had a total ball and was reminded once again that you never quite know what to expect from people. I haven't laughed so much in ages especially during the dancing shots towards the end. You know who you are girls!!! xxx


Mark & Jackie's 50th Birthday Party - Trading Boundaries, Sheffield Park (East Sussex)

Four weeks ago Jackie & Mark celebrated their 50th birthdays and I had a thoroughly fantastic evening documenting the most wonderful 60s/70s themed fancy dress outfits. Everyone had made the biggest effort and it was really hard not to giggle as I caught people on their arrival.

Simply click on the image below and click on the 'play' button to see their mini slideshow (68 out of a total of 275 photos). Jackie & Mark have all of the images and I'm sure that they are eager to share them all with you.

Everyone was in very high spirits and obviously totally up for a massive night. The atmosphere at Trading Boundaries was amazing - a fabulous place to have a party and the food looked delicious. The dancing began as everyone entered and the sounds of the 60s/70s really put people in the mood. A slideshow of Mark & Jackie's life together was a great touch and old fashioned sweeties complimented the theme.

At 10 o'clock Mark made a speech to great applause and then they blew out the candles before 'Elton' & 'Kiki' brought the house down with their rendition of Don't Go Breaking My Heart.

It was left to Boogie Wonderland to entertain everyone until the wee small hours and I left before I imagine the real grooving let rip.

Thanks for having me along all of you and huge congratulations on an amazing evening. Sorry for the delay in getting this up - it really has been a ghastly few weeks (see below) and thank you for your patience. E xxx

Hello Again!

After a massive 7 weeks off work I am finally back in my office and with electricity at last. I forgot that when a tradesman says 2 to 3 weeks he means 5. If he'd said 5 in the first place I could have rented office space and kept the business working as normal. So I've had 2 weeks holiday (back in January) followed by 3 weeks camping out with (wonderfully patient) friends and finally 2 weeks back at home with carpets up and little if no power.

Combined with this my office move has stalled sadly so to cheer myself up I have bought a lovely new desk and bookcase and today is my first day where I can actually see the carpet in my (temporary) office. At long last I feel like a proper working photographer again. Yippee!

I must admit though that I have learned a few new tricks during my enforced leave including putting up shelves to house my wonderful collection of art and photography books, tiling (at first scary and now quite therapeutic), and using a drill chisel (fantastic fun). I am loving using my new DeWalt SDS drill - any excuse to use it - which cuts through everything so much more easily than my old cordless Bosch number. And I have developed good relationships with the wood cutters at Homebase who have been very patient with me.

The house is looking a lot better now but it is funny what I enjoy the most - a heated towel rail that is massively big for the space but means everyone gets their towel on and there's even room for the bath mat. Luxury.

I'm on the lookout for an old Black & Decker type workbench so please would you let me know if you know anyone who is planning on getting rid of theirs... thanks and I look forward to being back in touch with lots of lovely wedding & portrait clients very soon. xxx


Crispin & Nicky's Wedding - Gravetye Manor & Balcombe Church, West Hoathly

The moment I heard all about Nicky & Crispin's day I knew that I was going to enjoy myself. It was in three parts but in a very unconventional order. Everyone met at Gravetye Manor first for drinks and delicious food and Nicky & Crispin very sensibly opted to have their photos taken before they left for Balcombe Church.

Simply click on the image below and click on the 'play' button to see their mini slideshow. To see all of their pictures, once in the slideshow view, click on the shopping basket.

The atmosphere at Gravetye was wonderful because of all the Christmas decorations and being New Year's Eve everyone was very excited. Nicky arrived with her Mum and Sister with only her dress left to put on as everyone was enjoying drinks nearby. Her entrance was wonderful to lots of clapping and cheers. I then took the two of them on a mini-tour of Gravetye. It was tricky to keep Nicky's dress spotless for the Church but thanks to Emily & Libby we managed it.

The groups were tricky with me having to ask everyone to go next door to the lounge (I felt SO guilty) so that I could take the photos in the bar. Everyone was amazing and I really love the results.

I left for St Mary's Balcombe to find Rev Burton and the Choir enjoying the festive atmosphere inside the Church. They had an earlier wedding so were in high spirits. It was lovely to catch up with them all as the last time I was there was on 5th November. The guests started to arrive and Matthew had me in stiches as he guided Crispin into the Church (see his wonderful hand signalling in the slideshow). The two girls arrived looking gorgeous and were terribly excited to see their Daddy. With everyone inside it was time for Nicky & her Father to make their entrance. Nicky looked stunning and composed even when her eldest started to drag her Grandfather through the door and down the aisle. Who knew that a 2 year old was so strong?!

Even though Crispin had seen Nicky already there is nothing like seeing your bride walking down the aisle towards you. All was well until the final floor grill when Nicky's heel got stuck and caused a few seconds of concern followed by howls of laughter mainly from Nicky. The vicar then announced that no one had ever got stuck before which made everyone giggle even more. How's that for an entrance?!

The service was so beautiful and family-orientated. Jo-Anne & Sophie's readings, the exchange of vows and rings and finally the signing all had a wonderfully light and happy feel. We did a couple of shots to include the girls outside the Church and then Libby and the Guys set up a spectacular confetti run. Just down the road at the Half Moon was our final destination - mulled wine and cake for everyone... perfect.

I left at a very civilised 5pm and arrived home feeling so excited about the day. I loved working with you all and wish you both a long and happy marriage. Keep in touch! x