Crispin & Nicky's Wedding - Gravetye Manor & Balcombe Church, West Hoathly

The moment I heard all about Nicky & Crispin's day I knew that I was going to enjoy myself. It was in three parts but in a very unconventional order. Everyone met at Gravetye Manor first for drinks and delicious food and Nicky & Crispin very sensibly opted to have their photos taken before they left for Balcombe Church.

Simply click on the image below and click on the 'play' button to see their mini slideshow. To see all of their pictures, once in the slideshow view, click on the shopping basket.

The atmosphere at Gravetye was wonderful because of all the Christmas decorations and being New Year's Eve everyone was very excited. Nicky arrived with her Mum and Sister with only her dress left to put on as everyone was enjoying drinks nearby. Her entrance was wonderful to lots of clapping and cheers. I then took the two of them on a mini-tour of Gravetye. It was tricky to keep Nicky's dress spotless for the Church but thanks to Emily & Libby we managed it.

The groups were tricky with me having to ask everyone to go next door to the lounge (I felt SO guilty) so that I could take the photos in the bar. Everyone was amazing and I really love the results.

I left for St Mary's Balcombe to find Rev Burton and the Choir enjoying the festive atmosphere inside the Church. They had an earlier wedding so were in high spirits. It was lovely to catch up with them all as the last time I was there was on 5th November. The guests started to arrive and Matthew had me in stiches as he guided Crispin into the Church (see his wonderful hand signalling in the slideshow). The two girls arrived looking gorgeous and were terribly excited to see their Daddy. With everyone inside it was time for Nicky & her Father to make their entrance. Nicky looked stunning and composed even when her eldest started to drag her Grandfather through the door and down the aisle. Who knew that a 2 year old was so strong?!

Even though Crispin had seen Nicky already there is nothing like seeing your bride walking down the aisle towards you. All was well until the final floor grill when Nicky's heel got stuck and caused a few seconds of concern followed by howls of laughter mainly from Nicky. The vicar then announced that no one had ever got stuck before which made everyone giggle even more. How's that for an entrance?!

The service was so beautiful and family-orientated. Jo-Anne & Sophie's readings, the exchange of vows and rings and finally the signing all had a wonderfully light and happy feel. We did a couple of shots to include the girls outside the Church and then Libby and the Guys set up a spectacular confetti run. Just down the road at the Half Moon was our final destination - mulled wine and cake for everyone... perfect.

I left at a very civilised 5pm and arrived home feeling so excited about the day. I loved working with you all and wish you both a long and happy marriage. Keep in touch! x

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