Diamond Jubilee Festival - Battersea Park, London 3 June 2012

Huge thanks go to the eighty five fantastic participants in the Vintage Village at the Diamond Jubilee Festival yesterday who allowed me to take their photograph as part of the 'Best in Show' catwalk.

Either click on the photo below or click HERE to see the slideshow. Please note that this is a flash slideshow so you'll have to find a regular computer to see it (not available on iPhones and iPads).

Hope you like them! If you do please leave a comment below.

I will email your photos by the end of the this week and to all under 18s this is the only place that your photos will appear. Simply email me the code I gave you and I will send your photo asap.

Regrettably the decade themed shows had to be cancelled due to the rain which made walking down the catwalk precarious to say the least. It was left to the Style Spotters with their 'Best in Show' rosettes simply to congratulate people who they felt had made a great effort in the style stakes. 

Hemingway Design who co-curated the Festival very kindly invited me to take photographs of anyone who the Style Spotters felt deserved a photograph as a memento of a terrific Festival. Obviously losing the six catwalk shows (that were to be held on the half hour from 1:30pm onwards) meant that I had to improvise slightly to get people to come along to the marquee for a photograph in front of my lovely vintage Union Jack. I have to say that everyone was very game and jolly despite the rain. [The reason I was asked is because I did a set of formal portraits during the Royal Wedding last year - click HERE for details - which have a very unique and vintagey feel]

The brief yesterday from Hemingway Design was to ensure that people had fun so although I like non-smiling portraits I really couldn't ask people not to smile on a day full of such joy. I tried a serious expression where possible but I did let quite a few smiles through too.

Thanks especially to Charlotte for her sterling help - these really wouldn't have looked as good without you. To the Style Spotters for being upbeat and encouraging all day. To Abdul for getting the flag up (and down). To Leona and everyone at Hemingway Design for having me with them on such a special day. And of course to the acts that kept the catwalk bopping throughout the afternoon:

The Polka Dot Dolls, Elle & the Pocket Belles, Jimmy & the Lips, and last but not least to host Count Indigo

I had a total ball and was reminded once again that you never quite know what to expect from people. I haven't laughed so much in ages especially during the dancing shots towards the end. You know who you are girls!!! xxx


Lucy Naughton said...

Beautiful shots and we were very privileged to be part of those chosen to pose! thanks Emma. Best wishes from Lucy and Cini the flat cap and Barbour couple!

Lucy Naughton said...

Beautiful shots! We felt very privileged to be chosen to have our photos taken, it made our day! Best Wishes from Lucy and Cini - the flat cap and Barbour couple.

Bienchen said...

Wow! Really beautiful pictures. Well done for turning a wet catwalk to your advantage. Bravo! All the best, Caroline

Bienchen said...

Wow! Really beautiful pictures. Well done for turning a wet catwalk to your advantage. Bravo! All the best, Caroline