Deb, Harri & Fred - Family Photography Surrey & West Sussex

As everyone knows not everybody is naturally photogenic. So when someone like Harri comes into the studio I get terribly excited. I have to say that when Deb came in with Harri & Fred I was thrilled with their choice of outfits. They blended perfectly. I always suggest that everyone who is going to be involved in the shoot should lay out their clothes side by side on the bed, then stand back and squint. Anything that stands out should be swapped out until all of the clothing sits nicely together.

I just love the blacks and greys and this in turn works really well with Fred. Not that I'm suggesting that you start with the dog first! Fred, by the way, is the sweetest dog - a wonderfully gentle nature & he just looks so beautiful in the photos. It always helps when you bring a plastic pot of cooked chicken or sausages... A fellow photographer swears by raw liver which I'm sure works beautifully but I really don't want it anywhere near my cameras! Ewww

Anyway, I did a couple of shots of Harri on her own first & here's one I really like.

And then onto the family shot. I wanted to show that Harri is beginning to gain her independence but at the same time show that Deb was still there for support, hence the reason for asking Harri to turn away from Deb. I really like how these two have worked out. The one including Fred goes straight into my all time top 10 photos that I've ever taken. It means a great deal to me and I will be forever grateful to Deb & Harri for allowing me freedom to create this shot. [It really needs to be seen LARGE to take in the amazing detail - I may decide eventually to reproduce it as a massive 40 - 50 inch print... watch this space]

I hope that you like the results and will see you very soon. Lots of love. Emma x

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