Jessie & Monty - Kids' Portrait Photography in Kent

Wow, these two were both an absolute joy to photograph. They both brought things with them that they really liked (Jessie her guitar, and Monty his amazing Star Wars collection) and wore clothing that worked well with their props. I like how they both were really calm and engrossed with their props too - it meant that I could get photos that were really revealing about their personalities.

I remember being a young girl and not being that keen on people actually seeing me if at all possible. I had a fringe that completely covered my eyes, so when I saw that Jessie hides behind her hair I really wanted to incorporate that and I love how this one came out. And I really like the little touch of the blue hair ribbon detail matched with blue nail polish. I hadn't photographed Jessie for about 4 years and it was wonderful to see how grown up and beautiful she has become.

And here's Monty in a pose that I wanted to look a little Han Solo-like. I adored Harrison Ford in Star Wars when I was a child. He was much cooler than Luke Skywalker. I think that Monty has nailed this pose in a big way. I certainly wouldn't underestimate his powers or The Force.

Luckily Jane bought CJ (and Lightning) in too so I managed this one of the three of them and it was good to try with a smile. I love this one.

And finally I threw in Mum & Dad (and Lightning) which was a massive challenge as the dogs were desperately keen to run around like crazy things. I think I was holding choccie biscuits for this one (my camera got slightly sticky) - can you tell from their faces?! I really wanted to get a 'cool' family shot as opposed to an 'all sat on the floor' number and this fits the bill for me. It's a little like the kind of shot you'd get from a family holiday if you asked a fellow holidaymaker to take it - relaxed and happy - but with the 'cool' factor that it's taken in a studio using low key lighting.

Well done all of you - I'm so impressed & thanks so much for bringing the woofs in too. x

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