Em - Children's Portrait Photography in the South East

Here is the beautiful Em who took part in my 11-years old project. What I really like about 11-year olds is that they are quite wise in a funny way. I always learn lots from them and they are really starting to be determined about their likes and dislikes so they have opinions. I've know Em for quite some time and it's been brilliant to see her grow up into such a lovely young person.

What was even better about this shoot is that Em's Mum was on hand to help with lighting and reflectors. She's an artist so knew exactly what do to - it makes such a difference. And since then I've been asking clients to do the same and it's been brilliant to have ready and able assistants!

Anyway, here's one from the session - we did loads of serious ones but it was this one that captured Em best. Hope you like it.

Thanks for your help, Caz, and to both of you for taking time out to help with my project.

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