Olly, Ed & Eliza - Children's Portrait Photography in West Sussex

I thought I'd launch 2011 with some photos of one of the two families who I have photographed more than any other - meet Olly, Ed & Eliza who smashed it when they came in last month. I was running a little behind so we were against the clock a little. Like true professionals all three simply got into position and looked at me - ready for their shot. Brilliant!

I really like this one of Olly as it shows a really interesting intensity. He's a natural in front of the camera and is so willing to mess about and experiment a little.

Here is Ed trying to take directions from a mad cricket fan (me) who knows nothing about what the actual strokes are called. I think he was laughing inside just a little... (lol) I really like how the light falls on his face in this one. Looks like I learned a little from my trip to the Rijksmuseum this year.

And finally this is Eliza just being herself in a jumper that I'd quite like myself. I haven't got a pair of Uggs at the moment but doesn't this shot make you want to run out and buy a pair? Lovely & snuggly. I tried taking a few of Eliza not smiling but it's very silly of me really - her smile is simply terrific.

The three of them took an utterly brilliant group shot - the first was serious & the second made me smile. I had to choose this one really...

Thanks so much for coming in and I hope you like the results. x

Happy New Year to all of my clients and friends & I look forward to seeing you in 2011. x

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