Kittens Hamish & Dotty - Cat Photography in West Sussex

Ok, so now I know to ask people to bring a container like a basket, vintage trunk or old tin bath if they are bringing kittens or puppies into the studio. Anything to keep them in one place!

Hamish & Dotty are new addtions to Annette & Graham's home and are Persians. I'd never really see a Persian cat up close until I met Annette's & I can't actually believe that there are cats that look like a cross between a teddy bear and Gizmo in Gremlins (one of my all time favourite film characters). They are completely adorable and as kittens I can't even begin to explain how sweet they are. In fact, I almost didn't bother taking their photo I was so busy holding them.

They made sure that they visited every single square centimetre of the studio and ended up covered in bits of dust which was hysterical. Trying to get them to stay put in one spot was ridiculously hard but I managed this one of Hamish being distracted by Annette & her dangly toy, and of Dotty in Graham's hands. [I know that I shouldn't have favorites but Hamish is a born poser & a natural in front of the lens - how cute is his face?!]

Hope you like these and prints with you very soon. Lots of love & Happy Christmas to you all - hope you aren't too snowed in. Emma xxx

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