Stephanie & Sebastian - Family Portrait Photography, East Grinstead (West Sussex)

I loved seeing Stephanie & Sebastian again. The last time was four years ago when Sebastian was only 16 months and had a wonderful way with me by saying 'ooh' every time I took his photo. And Stephanie was fantastic fun, trying on a selection of crazy hats for me. She's so grown up now and I just love this jumping shot - it expresses perfectly the excitement of Christmas.

And here's a quieter shot with Pooh Bear who has been Stephanie's companion since she was born. It reminded me of talking to my toys when I was little - they kept my secrets and didn't answer back!

This is Sebastian
looking very brooding and wonderful. I LOVE this shot. I really like it that children can be laughing and silly one minute and then utterly serious the next... before bursting into fits of giggles again. I should remember to do more of that myself.

And here he is in a lighter mood on his amazing bicycle without pedals. It looked impossible, but he gets around on it just fine.

Thanks to you both for being such fun to work with again and I hope that you enjoy your prints for many years to come. x

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