Anna & Ingrid aka Judo Queens - Portrait Photography (East Grinstead, West Sussex)

So I've learned some new tricks today with the help of the wonderful Mark Lambert and a new piece of software to me called Vertus Fluid Mask. I had some real problems with two of my recent photos - one of Rupert and his giraffes (see below) - and the other below of Anna & Ingrid demonstrating some of their cool judo moves.

I usually contract any more difficult jobs out to a professional retoucher but she's been far too busy this year. There are loads of retouchers willing to work for next to nothing but I am quite picky quality-wise so thought it best to actually learn how to do it myself. I am happy with 99% of my workflow but the moment I get a tricky background it does tend to send me into a mini panic!

Not only did I have to combine two photos but I also had some real differences in exposure between the two girls. There was a major drop off in light behind Ingrid and there was a bit of hair movement from both girls. Anyway, hope you think it all looks pretty smart now, and big thanks to Mark for reminding me all about masking.

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