Royal Wedding Dress 2011 - Phillipa Lepley / Jenny Packham / Pronovias - Who Will Kate Choose?

I was so pleased to hear the news that William and Kate Middleton have announced their plans to marry next year. I've been thinking wedding dresses ever since... Everyone seems to think Phillipa Lepley who set up her shop in Fulham in 1990. When I first moved to London to work in 1991 I used to walk past her shop every day and thought to myself that she would be the person who I would choose to make my own wedding dress. Oh dear, I shouldn't have planned that hard!

Since I stated photographing weddings five years ago I have seen many beautiful dresses and have lots of favourites but my absolute top two are Jenny Packham & Pronovias. I've photographed eight Jenny Packham dresses now and what I love is that they are all so different and totally suit each bride. Pronovias are classic and beautifully elegant - you can spot one a mile off. I hope that Kate Middleton chooses British, whichever one she opts for & luckily her figure is so perfect she's going to look stunning whatever she wears.

I think that the date will be announced today and am desperately hoping that it's not on the same day as any of my booked weddings. Not that I would mind as I'm sure that the highlights will be shown for days afterwards. But I wouldn't want any of my couple's big day to be overshadowed. Fingers crossed.

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