Back to Reality!

Apologies to Clare & Shaun's family and friends who have been very patient with me as I took my annual holiday for 3 weeks in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Along with the Easter break I have now had a massive 4 weeks off and have been hard at work editing this week ready to see Clare & Shaun tomorrow.

The holiday was fantastic - I do love Fuerteventura - and I did a huge amount of swimming and reading. I managed to swim 1,000 metres a day so altogether just over 13 miles. And I read my usual book a day with some great highlights in the form of 2 from Markus Zusak ('Getting the Girl' & 'I am the Messenger') both of which I heartily recommend, especially if you liked his 'The Book Thief'. If you have teenagers as well as Markus Zusak I also thoroughly enjoy 'Naive, Super' by Erlend Loe. On the epic front I loved 'Guernica' by Dave Boling (much better than Captain Corelli). I also took the complete boxed set of all 5 series of 'The Wire' but only managed 6 episodes and have been loving watching them since my return. Makes London seem very pedestrian!

I took my brand new Toshiba netbook with me so that I could make Skype calls to potential wedding clients. There's something very satisying about running your business on the beach!

And finally, no trip to the Island would be complete with a few shots of their annual carnival night. This year's theme was 'Jungle' but I think they must have run out of animal skin fabric as there were a lot of alternative outfits on show, some of which you'll see below.

It's not bad my little Canon Ixus and a lot lighter than my Nikon D3s! Looking forward to the real world of work again and feeling thoroughly relaxed and happy...


Unknown said...


Thanks for the kind words about Guernica ... very much appreciated!

Dave Boling

Emma Duggan said...

Hi Dave

You're welcome - it's a book that really stays with you. Full of heart. Loved it. Hope to see more from you very soon... no pressure!