Weekend with Rowan & Albert

Well it had to happen sooner or later... a weekend off from shooting weddings or editing pictures. Yippee.

I spent a really wonderful time visiting Rowan & Albert (whose wedding I photographed last year) in London and I had a ball. We visited the Royal Oak on Columbia Road where they treated me to a delicious supper followed by some 'interesting' listening back home including Charlie D and Milo which I thought was fantastic (my Brother is called Charlie D). I went to sleep giggling, listening to Albert singing downstairs. Very funny.

On Sunday morning Rowan took me to the Colubia Road flower market which is quite simply stunning. Flowers and plants everywhere and lots of very trendy homewares and clothing shops - it was bliss. Seeing the same street at 4pm empty but for rubbish being cleared up everywhere you looked was pretty staggering. I highly recommend a visit - go early.

Then Rowan cooked a lovely Sunday lunch and I couldn't resist a photo!

I also cracked and bought a poster by Anthony Burrill which has now been framed and has pride of place in my office so that I see it everytime I walk out of the door. It describes perfectly my feeling about life. It's also a great memento of my time with Rowan & Albert and a reminder of how important it is to get away from work and spend time with people who make me laugh. Must do it more often.

There was another one entitled "It is OK for me to have everything I want" and the shop owner had me in fits describing the people who'd bought that one compared to ones who bought my one. I'll leave it to your imagination.

Huge thanks to Rowan & Albert for having me and inspiring lots of new travel plans. The first one is hopefully a little different. I am going to try and attend a concert by Gramphone's recently named (Dec 08) top 5 orchestras in the World so watch out:

London (LSO) - Saturday 13th February 2010
Amsterdam (Royal Concertgebouw)
Vienna (Weiner Philharmoniker)
Berlin (Berlin Philharmoniker)
Chicago (Chicago Symphony)

If anyone knows how I can tickets for any of these or fancies joining me in my quest (even a single city) please let me know. [It's not that I am a mad classical music fan - I just want to do something spectacular in each of these cities instead of just eating lots of food which is very bad for me!]

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