Family Portrait - Walk in the Woods

What a treat to go back and photograph this amazing young person and his gorgeous sister. It was three years ago that I first photographed him and of course I was blown away by his confidence and sense of adventure now that he is five.

And his new sister is a hoot - having me in stiches with her busy and entertaining lifestyle. I've learnt a lot about what it's like being a two and a half year old girl - the importance of the colours pink and purple, that bike baskets can be very useful, rabbits should preferably come in pairs, that it IS possibly to occassionally beat Daddy at a running race, and grown-up like flowers even if they have been squished a bit before handing them over.

And from a self-assured five year old boy I have learnt that go-gos are very cool, climbing is easy now, that prizes for reading look great hung up on the wall, that cycling gets faster every day, and how it's very easy to get into a computer game and lose all track of time... even when Mum calls 'lunch-time!'

These two are going to look great as huge canvases on your wall. Looking forward to delivering them along with your frame and prints this weekend hopefully! Thanks for inviting me back - I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you all again. Emma x P.S. Please, please keep in touch!

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