Richard & Lucy's Wedding at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond, Surrey

On a very warm and sunny day in June Richard & Lucy got married at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond. I have to say I've never worked with a couple who laughed quite so much... and all day long too. It was an absolute pleasure from start to finish.

[Apologies for the delay in getting this online everyone - I had a horrible virus which wiped me out for two weeks]

To see their mini slideshow simply click on the image below. To see all of their pictures, once in the slideshow view, click on the shopping basket and when prompted the password is Richard & Lucy's surname (case sensitive).

Lucy got ready at her Parents' home nearby and it was great fun since she had 5 bridesmaids, her Mum & Dad, Grandmother, three hair and make-up artists, assorted Cousins, plus of course DD & Murphy in the garden along with three other dogs and their dog sitter. I left to get to Pembroke Lodge in good time so that I could grab a shot or two of Richard and the guys. The room looked amazing and the boys looked pretty smart too.

The Registrar, Sharon, had actually worked with Richard in a past life so there was a lot or pre-ceremony banter and it made for a really personal and fun ceremony. Lucy's entrance was pretty spectacular and it was great to see Richard watch her walk up the aisle with her Father. His look said everything. Iain read the Velvetine Rabbit to everyone's delight (lots of laughter). And once married Lucy & Richard walked through a tunnel or confetti and out onto the terrace for some well-earned Pimms.

Stephen was excellent in helping me with the groups - it's not always easy at Pembroke Lodge because you have to work around the public visitors but David guarded the door for 15 minutes (thank you) and Stephen got the large group together for me. Uncle Ted Award badge is on it's way! Wow, I'm having so much luck with friends and ushers this year.

I took a few shots of just Richard and Lucy before they went into their meal - truly amazing food (thanks guys... and pudding too - 'yum'). And then the speeches - what a crowd / what fabulous speakers (Skip, Richard, Stephen) / hysterical reactions from everyone especially Richard. I had quite a tough time editing Richard's reactions - they were all so funny.

First dance, lots of crazy dancing and a Bride who totally got down and grooved with the guests - brilliant! I left just as it started to get dark and whizzed back down to West Sussex and some serious ice packs around feet. Thanks so much to both families, all of your friends, and above all you two for making it such a fun day and looking after me so beautifully.

Please, please keep in touch and do bring the dogs down for a walk with Fred if ever you fancy a day out in the country. Em x

Update: Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh - cool present alert. Thank you guys - Fred has been posing all over the place with his fab new collar (you can just about see it here - stripey & totally happening), and I've held back just long enough to photograph the champagne (!) + gorgeous flowers too.

You really spoiled me & it's hugely appreciated. Lovely to see you all on Tuesday looking so well and really looking forward to designing your album. Draft to follow. xxx

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