Richard & Lucy's Pre Wedding Shoot - Richmond Park

I knew that I was going to love meeting Murphy & DD ever since I met Richard and Lucy back in January and I was right.

Click on the image below to see a mini-slideshow of our walk in Richmond Park, close to where Richard and Lucy will be marrying very soon. Once in the slideshow view if you would like to see all of the shots do click on the shopping basket (bottom right) and the password is Lucy's surname (case sensitive).

We met up early near the Park and the dogs were clearly very keen to get going once they saw the gates and car park. It was hysterical watching them both chase stones and I did struggle to get a shot of all four of them together, with them all looking at me. I had to shout out 'what's up?!' or 'ready!' to get DD & Murphy's attention. I have promised Richard and Lucy not to try the same trick with them and their guests on their wedding day...

Do look out for the lone wolf stealing DD's stick - it's so sad to see her face when she went to so much effort to retrieve it in the first place.

I am really looking forward to your wedding day and hope we have lovely weather again.

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