Thank You Pressies

I am so lucky to have extremely kind clients who have given me flowers, choccies, wine, and even presents for Fred (!) over the past 5 years. I'm always overwhelmed as I feel that it's vital to work hard for each and every client on every job. I'm always just happy knowing that I've done my best and that the customer is pleased... well, ok, I prefer it if they are 'thrilled' with their pictures.

This year I have received so many lovely cards and letters along with some lovely presents but I just had to share with you what Shannah & Robin bought me a couple of weeks ago.

It's so funny that Shannah chose the amazing bath set from Space NK as it's one of my all time favourite shops (along with Panama Jacks (shoes), Texier (handbags), and Amazon (books)). I just love visiting Space NK in Brighton or Bluewater and can spend ages smelling stuff and generally worrry about ageing (!)

So a huge thanks to Shannah - this is a massive treat (& chocolates too!) and will certainly ease my aching muscles after each wedding. Most of my clients know that while they are dancing the night away on their wedding day I am lying in a heap with ice packs tied around both feet and knees, catching up with some chocolate ice cream eating time...

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