Back in the UK

Well, I got back very late on Saturday night having had the best 3 weeks holiday possible. Here is the villa:

As you can see it had a pretty good pool - solar heated thank goodness which meant I managed to swim 1,050 lengths in total. That's 7,350 metres or 147 lengths of an Olympic swimming pool. That would take the women's world record holder around an hour and fifteen minutes but I guess it took me around three and a half!

I got out and about every now and again, and the highlight by miles was the annual carnival which had me giggling for days afterwards. Here are a few to give you an idea:

And finally, my target was to read a book a day and I did it! I was very worried that my baggage allowance would be blown on the way out as I took 17 books in my holdall... luckily they didn't weigh my carry on - phew. There were loads of great books in the villa so there was no problem in finding the additional 4 there. Here is a selection with my 'Book of the Holiday' centre stage. I urge you to read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson. It is one of the most enthralling books I have ever read. This guy is the real deal & made me feel very humble. I was spellbound from the first page. Stunning.

I can highly recommend Furteventura if you really want a chilled holiday with some sun, gorgeous beaches, and very friendly Islanders. The weak pound was a pain of course so do buy everything in the UK before you go and pay extra for a larger baggage allowance (at the same time you book your flight).

It was great to get home and I got straight back into work with a shoot on Sunday which was great fun. I'll post a couple from that shortly.

P.S. These shots were my first time out with my newish Canon Ixus and I have to say that I was very impressed. If I had taken my pro camera and standard zoom lens plus a flash it would have weighed just over 2.5 kilos (16% of my total baggage allowance!) This little camera though weighs just 0.23 kilos. The results are pretty good... not sure I'd risk using it professionally though!

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