The office will be closed from Friday 6th to Monday 30th March as I am finally taking a break and flying off to sunnier climes. I haven't had a proper holiday since I launched the business in December 2004 so I am very excited.

It's weather like the above that finally decided my holiday destination. All I wanted was a bit of gentle sun on my back so in the end and the Canary Islands won. I've just finished packing and am wondering whether my 17 books will make the plane as the weight limit is only 15kg?!

When we were teenagers my brother (Charlie) and sister (Vic) would sing Madonna's 'Holiday' whenever we went away. As we grew up and moved away from home we still keep this tradition going. Many is the time that I have been happily going about my business when my mobile will go and I have 'HOLIDAY' sung very loudly down the line.

So to anyone reading this... (and remember to sing it like the song) - "HOLIDAY"!

If you are getting married and want to find out whether I am available please do email me: If you need me urgently for any reason do try my mobile: 07967 638422. I look forward to getting back to work in a few weeks with Derek & family, Debs/Charlie & family and then Neil & Verity's wedding being first up.

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