The Life Skills Company

As most of you know I am happiest when working with children and young people in general. I've shot work for school websites, brochures, and even books and I love the energy that goes on in and around schools. So it was with great pleasure that I met Meg and Steve of The Life Skills Company who offer training programmes to students and staff throughout the South-East. They are the most dynamic and intelligent conference organisers that I have ever come across - they are fun, enthusiastic and they listen. They tailor each of their sessions around the school, and they really do get their message across in such an easygoing and engaging way.

When they asked me to photograph their Year 12 Life Skills Conference I was thrilled. During the Conference the students learnt so much as opposed to being 'told stuff'. I really do wish that I'd had this session when I was 16 or 17... it would have proved invaluable. I won't tell you exactly what the Conference covered but the main points were aimed at helping students to speed read (brilliant!), how to take condensed and uselful notes, how to cope with external distractions (hysterical!), and how to make a good first impression with positive body language and eye contact.

I could see how engaged all of the students were and could actually see the students improve immediately. I was really blown away & can highly recommend meeting this company. I work as a mentor in Surrey to a wonderful Year 11 and I could see this Conference really benefitting him. If there is anyone from Surrey County Council reading this please, please speak to Meg and Steve!

Thanks for having me along for the day - it was a blast.

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