e3 unlimited

I had the pleasure of working for e3 unlimited again recently. I first met e3 last year and now they needed new PR shots for their ever expanding team. It's really wonderful photographing people who I've worked with before because they know how I work and let me get on with it.

You can feel the buzz the moment your enter e3's offices... a very lively, dynamic and professional atmosphere making it a really fun place to hang out.

What I like about working with Emma Reynolds, one of the co-founders, is that she has an amazing insight into my world - she knows what she wants and expresses it so clearly. It makes my job so much easier, more interesting & extremely satisfying.

This time Emma wanted headshots with some space left to the right or left (cut off in these examples) so that the shots could be easily incorporated into a website or brochure and a write-up included in the blank section. Combined with this Emma had a great idea not to have everyone looking directly at the camera. She wanted something different from the norm and I think she was spot on here.

I've spread the images out on the floor and they look absolutely wicked together - so much more dynamic and cool. You want to get to know these people and this company and I think that's a real result!

Many thanks to you all for your hospitality, energy and enthusiasm during the shoot - I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And finally, and here's a shot of everyone against their wonderful red wall. Very funky indeed.

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