HMS Victory

I had a very exciting commission last week. Last May the American company Odyssey Marine Exploration discovered the remains of HMS Victory (immediate predecessor of Admiral Lord Nelson's Victory) which sank in 1744 off the Channel Islands. It was all very hush-hush while they established that it was in fact this most famous ship and at a press conference in London last Monday (snow day!) they announced their findings to the World.

I was asked to photograph a painting of Admiral Sir John Balchin (above) as well as one of his direct descendants, Sir Robert Balchin at his home in Sussex (below). A big poster of the painting was proudly displayed at the press conference and now also sits on Odyssey's website.

Lady Balchin made me very welcome and I was lucky enough to try some of her wonderful home made soup which I ate while chatting to Fleur (below).

If you'd like to know more about this discovery do have a look here Discover Channel's Treasure Quest.

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