Liz & Gregory's Wedding at Burhill Golf Club in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey - 20th December 2008

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of working with Liz & Gregory on their wedding day. I started off by visiting the girls at the most wonderful salon... In fact, I rather fell in love with Cobham as a whole. They have a Fat Face and a Space NK which, as anyone who knows me will tell you, are my two favourite stores! Luckily I managed to walk past them and into Sally Adams where there was an air of calm and professionalism as all four girls had their hair done. I was so impressed when Liz was seated for her make-up and four glasses of champagne materialised - now that's what I call service!

To see their mini slideshow simply click on the image below. To see all of their pictures, once in the slideshow view, click on the shopping basket and when prompted the password is Liz & Gregory's surname (case sensitive).

Liz looked amazing and I heard the driver say that he'd not seen a more cheerful bride all year and I concur - I was blown away by Liz's smile from the moment I first saw her until I left that night.

Then I headed off the the Old Bear in Cobham to find the four guys plus Chris & Julie happily greeting friends and sharing a drink or two. Arriving at St Andrews Greg was greeted by the Revd Vickers - poor Revd Jenkins was finally beated by the horrible flu bug. A beaming Liz arrived with her Father and the service was full of laughter and joy.

Out into sunshine and even some blue skies, everybody then made their way to the wonderful Burhill Golf Club nearby. It's a great place to take photographs - lovely backdrops even in Winter. Once I had tired everyone out with the group photography everybody was received into the beautiful dining room and the buzzing atmosphere continued. I get the feeling that people hadn't seen each other for a while (I know that people came from far and wide) - I've never seen so much talking and laughing and that was even before the speeches.

Michael & Greg both managed to embarrass Liz in the nicest possible way. John, Andrew and Martin poked gentle fun at Greg causing much hilarity. The first dance was fabulous - very elegant and well thought out much to everyone's delight.

I left having had a thoroughly good time and am very grateful to you all for looking after me so well - I had a great meal and lots of lemonade and the staff at Burhill were amazingly helpful. Thank you so much. x

All the very best with your life together - do keep me updated with your news.

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