Caroline & Rich's Wedding at The Lansdowne Club in Mayfair, London - 13th December 2008

Shortly before Christmas Caroline & Rich married at the stunning Farm Street Church in Mayfair with a reception at The Lansdowne Club just around the corner. I do urge you to drop in and have a look around the Church if ever you are in the area. It's a really peaceful and beautiful spot right in the centre of the West End.

To see their mini slideshow simply click on the image below. To see all of their pictures, once in the slideshow view, click on the shopping basket and when prompted the password is Rich & Caroline's surname (case sensitive).

I started off at Caroline's Mum's home in Barnes where everything was calm and organised. Outside it looked a bit gloomy but luckily no-one really noticed. When we left the girls and I climbed into one white London cab (brilliant!), with Caroline and her Brother and Mum in another. Amazingly, braving both the rain and the Christmas shoppers, they both made it on time... yippee!

Meanwhile my great mate Laura was with the guys at the Punch Bowl (next to the Church) where regretably photography is banned. The poor guys and Laura were forced out into the rain for a few pictures before they started to welcome in their guests, but I'm a huge fan of umbrella shots & they look great!

Caroline arrived just as darkness fell and it was a dramatic entrance through the large double doors and down the extremely long aisle. The service was beautiful with just the right mix of seriousness, giggling and smiles throughout. Back out into the night and incredibly it was still raining so they leapt into one of the cabs and around the corner to the Club and a well deserved glass of champagne.

The reception was short and sweet and everyone did very well in the large group shot in the lobby before taking their seats for dinner and speeches from Sue, Rich and John. I couldn't help include 3 shots here of Rich's reaction to John's words... utterly hysterical. Cake cutting followed before everyone went fairly crazy on the dance floor and I headed back to Barnes where it all began.

One more... I couldn't resist!

Thanks to you both for looking after Laura and I so well and the copious amounts of lemondade. I had a throughly good time and will remember your day for a long time to come. Best of luck with everything in your future together & please do keep in touch! x

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