Three Mini Weddings in a Row

To anyone wondering why I've been a little quiet of late, here at last is the reason.

I recently decided to try and see if I could do up to 3 hours coverage instead of my usual all day job. So many thanks to Alex & Ben, Davina & Russell, and Natalie & Philip for being my guinea pigs (not literally of course!)

The biggest benefit was being back home in time for tea and biscuits (!) but even taking that into account I'm afraid that's my last mini wedding. I LOVE the all day coverage because it tells the whole story of the day and that's my forte. When people see their albums they can't quite believe how much I managed to cram in on their day without them even noticing. I have had tens of people tell me that my albums are the best they've ever seen - high praise indeed. I honestly believe that it comes from me being there all day. The consistency in the final prints is really quite breathtaking.

I get to know my couples quite well before their day & that helps enormously. I find out who's who, sometimes even learning the names of family members, which makes the family group shots quick and painless. And the bride & groom's own portraits truly reflect their personality and not some pre-conceived vision that I may have. Above all I like them to be relaxed, fun and as natural as possible. [To be fair I think that I managed this with the three mini weddings anyway which was a huge bonus]

Anyway, once again thanks to my lovely three couples - I had a real laugh with you all.

It's back to my all day weddings from now on and I'm very excited about working with Samantha & John, Rowan & Albert, Lucy & James, Sally & John, Lucy & Paul, Caroline & Rich, and Liz & Greg between now and Christmas. And for 2009 I have 6 weddings booked and a limit of 12 so if anyone is thinking about their wedding photography for next year do please get in touch as soon as possible on 01342 811631.

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