Ewan & Heather's Wedding at The Felbridge Hotel in East Grinstead, West Sussex - 6th September 2008

When I met Ewan and Heather back in February I instinctively knew that they were soulmates. I guessed too that I'd love working with them on their wedding day and I was totally right. They married at the Baptist Church in Forest Row before heading off to the Felbridge Hotel in East Grinstead.

To see their mini slideshow simply click on the image below. To see all of their pictures, once in the slideshow view, click on the shopping basket and when prompted the password is Ewan & Heather's surname (case sensitive).

The Baptist Church was truly welcoming and the service was both personal and heartfelt. Heather looked absolutely stunning and Ewan looked calm and very smart. The ushers and bridesmaids were all fantastic.

I did the group shots after the ceremony while everyone had a cup of tea - all very civilised! Sadly the weather put paid to any outside shots at all so my luck finally ran out for 2008's weddings. It was drizzly and overcast all day and slightly chilly too. We did some shots at the Church and just a few at the Hotel and Ewan and Heather took everything very much in their stride and in great spirits.

The speeches were classic. Note to self - don't allow your adult kids to make the speech on your behalf - Mark had everyone in absolutely stiches revealing more about 'Mum' than I think she expected. It was brilliantly funny. Richard and Ewan did very well in their follow up. Richard rattled off a list of Ewan's shortcomings - I like the fact that we clearly share a fear of dishwashers.

After a short break it was time for their 1st dance and then some generally crazy dancing from everyone there. All in all a fantastic day - full of love and laughter - I loved being a part of it. Good luck in Saudi and keep in touch! x

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