Headshot #1

So here's the first headshot of 2008 (albeit done late last year) - the very wonderful Louise who was updating her PR shot. She was a pleasure to work with and a natural in front of the lens. I'm hoping that we get to work together again in 2008 as she's extremely photogenic.

My only difficulty towards the end of last year (Oct/Nov/Dec) was that the weather was pretty dreadful throughout, and since I work mainly with natural light it proved very challenging. I had to postpone quite a few shoots due to the horrible white overcast skies... Not flattering for faces (panda eyes) and very flat lighting which is not what you want from a portrait.

I reckon I'm going to limit my headshot shoots to February to October from now on as November, December and January are really not good for naturally lit portraiture unless you've got blue skies. So if you're thinking of updating your headshot please, please don't go for Winter!

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