Headshot #2

And the second headshot of the year was the very lovely Clare who stayed over with me the night before the shoot. By the time I got my camera out I think that she was pretty relaxed & posed beautifully.

I believe that building a rapport is absolutely vital to get the best out of people. A colleague calls what I do 'wrapping people up in a duvet' meaning that I try and make people to feel really snuggly and relaxed about having their picture taken. Often we'll chat over coffee for longer than the actual shoot lasts.

My great hero, Yousuf Karsh*, used to spend all day with his subjects chatting about life before remembering that he was there to take their picture! There are quite a few classics of his where he nearly lost the last bit of daylight and they are still stunning. He made sure that he captured his subject's spirit and you can only really do that if you put some effort into learning about them.

* If you get the chance between now and 6th July 2008 do go and see Karsh's work at the National Portrait Gallery (Room 33) as he was a genius with light and posing. The display marks the 100th anniversary of his birth.

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