Comfortable Shoes 2008

Ok, so it's that time of year when I start getting excited about buying comfortable wedding shoes. [Sad, isn't it?!]

Some of you may remember last year's selection ad I have to say that they are now looking very dog-eared, with only the furry ones still living. But they did the job of my 2007 weddings really well.

This year I traveled to Barcelona to buy three pairs of extremely comfortable shoes from various stores including my favourite, Panama Jack. Barnes (Barney) was very helpful as I pretty much tried on every pair there and I have to say that the new boots are my favourite yet. I've also bought some new (clean) trainers from the USA and finally some ridiculous slipper socks from my favourite UK store, Fat Face.

The top two pairs will be the main ones with the trainers as back up for longer receptions. The long boots are perfect for wedding meetings (albeit a bit biker) as I reckon I'll fall flat on my face if I wear heels whilst carrying all the sample albums!

And finally, why those silly slipper socks? Well a girl's got to have a bit of comfort. As I pad over to the office coffee in hand every morning it gives Mum a laugh anyway!

P.S. It's also RIP to the stripey socks which have become a bit threadbare. New ones from Sock Shop now in much more sober colours but amazingly comfortable and marked with 'L' and 'R' to make life even easier. I'll have to get over the superstition of wearing the lucky stripey socks - I tried them out on a portrait client last weekend and the pictures are gorgeous. Phew!

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