My new F5

Here are a couple from last Sunday:

This was a very special sitting as I'd just taken delivery of a new (used) camera - a Nikon F5. I've been digital now for a year and sold my beloved F5 (film camera) back in April. Now, much as I love the ease and quality of digital, there are two things that I miss about using film.

A. Getting on with the job of taking pictures (and not looking at the rear LCD display every few moments)
B. The depth in tone - more greys between the blacks and whites... vital to my style

Olly was very patient with me as I switched between cameras so that I could compare the results. The films arrived back on Thursday and I was thrilled. The prints are gorgeous. I'm really looking forward to printing some of the digital images and viewing them next to the film prints. I'll let you know how I get on.

Thanks Olly & family - I had a thoroughly wonderful time.

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