Thank You, Lovely Clients!

Now, most of you who have worked me with know that I LOVE my job. It's just the best thing to work with people on new and exciting projects and ventures, and that of course includes weddings.

In the past week I have been thoroughly spoiled by my lovely clients. First, I spent a couple of days working with the staff and pupils at Alpha Prep in Harrow to create some beautiful photography for their website and brochure. It really was a fun commission and I was made to feel extremely welcome by everyone there. When I came to leave I was rendered speechless (to those who know me that's a very rare occurrence) when the Headmaster brought out a lovely bunch of flowers, some delicious Belgian chocolates and a very touching card... I don't often let my guard down so it was slightly embarrassing to get teary at this stage. I really was overcome by the generosity, especially since I'd loved working there so much. So thanks to everyone at Alpha! [I've put the card here because the chocolates didn't last long enough to be photographed!]

Secondly, those wonderful people at St Catherine's Trust sent me a 2007 Summer School mug - thank you, thank you, thank you! It's sitting next me right now - a lovely memory of a great day back in August.

And then on Tuesday some gorgeous flowers arrived from Harry & Fran after their visit on Sunday to review their wedding pictures. I was really touched - thank you guys!

And the final wonderful surprise came this morning as I was greeted by Steve & Juliet back from honeymoon to review their wedding photographs... the most beautiful bouquet full of blues and whites that look simply stunning in my office. They have cheered me considerably and I'll think of them both as I finish editing their wedding. You were a pleasure to work with - I really did have a fun day and am looking forward to showing you very soon on this blog.

Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and generosity. x

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