The 'Uncle Ted' Award

For each wedding that I undertake I am very kindly loaned an usher (typically) to help me with organisation during the day. This is vital, especially when it comes to sorting out the groups. I have to say that after the first few disasters (with the person vanishing for a cigarette/to change their baby's nappy/heading to the bar or just deciding that it's far too much fun to chat with their mates) I have to admit to rolling my eyes when clients assure me that their usher is 'brilliant at organising people'...

This all changed in June however, when Carrie & Titus assured me that Uncle Ted was the person that could be counted on to help with groups. And how right they were - he was totally fantastic, commanding absolute attention from the 160+ guests without even raising his voice. I was blown away and am extremely grateful. In his honour I have introduced the 'Uncle Ted' Award
for outstanding assistance from an usher/family member or friend during a wedding. [See below]

Since the original Uncle Ted's own award there has been a 2nd recipient.

During Emily & Ed's wedding last month Charlie had a unique way of keeping things moving... a loud toot on his hunting trumpet! He was brilliant and really did earn his 'Uncle Ted' Award badge (it's in the post) so to Emily's family, "I believe you now!"

Here's to many more 'Uncle Ted' Awards!

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