Chris & Nana's Wedding - 16th June 2007

This really was a special day here in West Sussex. [Click on the image below to see their slideshow with a further link to their online gallery]

I have to say the flowers were amazing - a vibrant mix of oranges and earthy colours that perfectly matched the bridesmaids outfits. And of course Nana looked just perfect with stunning make up that I managed to capture by asking her to look down at her bouquet. Breathtaking.

The guests arrived at the church through horrendous downpours which made for some fun photographs even if it wasn't quite as much fun for them! A lovely service followed by the reception at home in the funkiest marquee I've ever seen. It was great & allowed in loads of light too, making my job so much easier. Hysterical speeches - I couldn't help but take them in - followed a delicious-looking meal with guest carving their own beef... great entertainment.

And the 1st dance... I actually managed to capture Chris's nifty Nana drop, with her literally 3 inches from the ground. All in all a great day and I'm pleased to report that they are back from honeymoon looking very healthy & happy.

Very best of luck to you both.

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Nana said...

Thanks Emma. They are truely amazing...