Pre-Wedding Shoot #5 - Emma & Mark

At long last - poor Emma & Mark - here's your pre-wedding shoot from April! Please forgive the delay - it's been crazy at work & I am now nearly back on top of things so hopefully back on more of an even keel. [Click on their picture to view the slideshow]

I traveled up to Leamington Spa, where Mark's parents live, to take some shots of these two on a lovely walk through a beautiful old village and stunning fields, before having a well earned pint at the Saxon Mill - a really wonderful old building. I must admit the weather wasn't perfect but I really liked the grey cloud formations as they added drama to the proceedings.

I had a really great afternoon and got to know them better which is really important to me as it will help so much with their wedding... only seven weeks away now! I'm really looking forward to it as it's in a gorgeous hotel in Tunbridge Wells - very atmospheric which I think will suit them very well.

Hope you like the shots!

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