Pre-Wedding Shoot #4 - Susanna & Chris

Strictly, this one should actually follow three other couples but since Susanna & Chris are getting married next Saturday I hope that the others will forgive me for posting before them. We've had to postpone this London shoot twice before Friday night when it actually didn't rain for a change. Yippee!

I met Susanna & Chris in the early evening and we all had a lemonade to settle our nerves (actually, I think Chris might have had something a little stronger!?) They chose the wonderful backdrop of the Royal Albert Hall and around Kensington Gardens which looked fabulous and worked really well. [Click on their picture to see the slideshow]

I'll find it hard to see steps anywhere now without remembering their Rocky Balboa high fives! These two were so easy together and up for pretty much anything which made for a really fun shoot. I'm really looking forward to this Saturday and hope that Lucy and I do you both justice.

Happy last week of planning!

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