Steve & Julie's Fabulous Jorgensen Album

I've just completed Steve & Julie's chinese themed album and had to share it here because it's a first for me. They wanted me to include some images from their pre-wedding shoot in Chinatown (London) as well as some from their surprise honeymoon in China. I have to say it looks truly fabulous! It's the largest album I've done so far, including 158 images spread over 48 sides and weighs in at 9kg! [Click on the image below for a closer look]

What I particularly like is their request to cover the album in one of their wonderful red dragon tablecloths with a gorgeous shot of their platinum rings as a small insert. It all fits very nicely together with the chinese theme throughout and I know that it'll look great in their home.

Steve was very keen from our first meeting back in November 2006 that I documented their wedding day as an 'event' rather than a wedding. He wanted the day covered much like a journalist would - not stopping anything to ask for poses etc. I think that it helped that we had all had a really good time in London together a few weeks before the big day so I just went with the flow... and what a flow!

From Julie's preparations with the wonderful Daniel (now my hairdresser too), through to the truly amazing lion dancers and troupe that greeted 34 very lucky guests, a perfect humanist chinese marriage service complete with tea ceremony, a chinese fan dancer, a huge screen display of images from Julie & Steve's trip to China where they first met, a 7-course chinese banquet with the men swapping tables after every course, a lovely speech from Steve where he surprised Julie by announcing that they weren't going to Paris but to China (which set me off crying as I'd forgotten that detail), to finally a last big dance from the lion dancers and fireworks to send them off into the night.

It was a truly astounding day and I didn't mind at all as I sat in bed at 4am the following day with ice packs on my feet from all the running around!

I'm off to deliver the album tomorrow in person to a very lovely couple who I am very lucky to now call friends.

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