Food Week

So this week has been mainly about food so here goes with three very distinct variations on the theme:

1. School food - I know that many of my friends absolutely hated it but I must be some kind of masochist as I LOVED it. Last week I visited my old canteen and to be honest I haven't really done them justice - the food looked amazing with loads of healthy options too (boo hiss), but I wanted to give an impression of the kind of food anyone over the age of 40 talks about. You know - stodge. Yum.

2. An hour later I was at the gorgeous Buxted Park Hotel to photograph the kitchen staff with their very wonderful chef, Mark Murphy. I didn't see any food (well it was 3pm) but I know that Mark has an amazing reputation and I'm really looking forward to eating there in the very near future. Mark has a thoroughly refreshing attitude and one that seems to fit really well into the hotel's professional and extremely welcoming ethos.

3. Anna & Steven's wedding meal. Although this was a couple of weeks ago, I'm now getting to the end of their editing. I'm really looking forward to posting a few pictures from their big day but they aren't back up from Devon for a while yet so I'll have to make do with posting their food pictures! Not quite the same, but it leads me nicely into a little aside. Guests must think I'm slightly mad when I approach them to ask whether they would mind me taking a shot of their food (!) but on this occasion the best lit table with a younger crowd included one of Anna's very lovely bridesmaids, Caroline and her fiance, Peter. I'm pleased to say that they didn't seem to mind at all and I was thrilled to hear from them a few days later. They came over to see me on Saturday and have now booked me to photograph their wedding in June next year... at Leeds Castle. Great news - I can't wait!

A big thank you to all at Ravenswood especially Peta, Steven and Julie who looked after me beautifully once again. ... I've just finished cloning Steven out of one of my group shots even though I did make the 5:15pm start time... just!

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