My 1st Seminar Appearance

Last week I was invited by the very talented Martin Wilmott to show some of my work and chat a little about how I got started as a photographer. This was as part of his very successful 2-day training seminar called 'Shoot to Sell'. Since marketing was a key theme I went through some of things that I've done over the last two years - some successful, some not.

I met some amazing photographers there, including someone who I had known about for a couple of years but never had the opportunity to meet before - so it was a real pleasure in particular to meet Karen Petry. I caught the last 30 minutes of Day 1 before my bit and I have to say that I learnt something in just that half hour! I'd never seen Martin in action but I have to say (and this isn't just because he's a great mate) I cannot recommend this course highly enough. He's one of the most energetic photographers I know - an ideas person & a doer - very talented and highly personable. I'm so glad that his course was so successful - he thoroughly deserves it.

Thanks for inviting me & thanks for listening. I loved it!

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