Practical Photography's POTY

I've made it through to Round 2 of Practical Photography's Photographer of the Year competition announced in May's edition. This month's theme was 'Emotion' so I submitted this gorgeous shot I took of one of last year's wedding couples.

Taken towards the end of their pre-wedding shoot I have to say that this couple were so natural in front of the lens that they hardly noticed me. I like the fact that they chose to have their shoot in Glasgow where the groom grew up. We walked through the stunning Botanic Gardens and along the river where he used to travel daily to and from school before having a quick drink just off the famous Byres Road. And finally we visited the groom's old University and these steps were perfect for the last shots of the day.

Taken on my old F5 using 1600 speed black and white film it really does add that lovely grainy effect without having to faff around in Photoshop. I love how the couple are tangled up together and I think that the final effect is very romantic.

I always say to my couples chose somewhere that means something to either one or both of you because it will certainly show in the final images. If the bride's home features largely in the wedding celebrations then perhaps consider a hobby or place that means something to the groom?

Wish me luck in the next Stage of the competition! I'll keep you posted.

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