Publicity Shoot #3

On Sunday I had a unique challenge - a mother & daughter publicity shoot. The Mum wanted a friendly image for her wonderful magazine The Family Grapevine and the daughter needed a great CV image to send out to prospective employers.

When I had a look at what's out there for young adults there seemed to be a lot of those white background images so I suggested that we did something a bit more funky outside. There's a lovely sandstone wall near me here which worked brilliantly to make the image fresh and just that bit different from the norm. I'm really hoping that employers will enjoy seeing something with a bit more thought - something that gives a real clue to this applicant's personality. I'd certainly employ her!

We stayed inside for Gill's publicity shot and I really like the way the evening sunshine gives a lovely warm glow to the resulting image.

Two great sitters - two very different results. I like doing stuff like this!

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