40th Wedding Anniversary

A client asked me recently whether I would photograph her parents to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary and I leapt at the chance. I work with couples who are just about to get married all the time but it's such a pleasure to work with couples who have been together for much, much longer.

I really had fun looking through the family photo albums - it gives a good clue to style of photography that might work as well as giving me a sense of their shared pasts. You learn about careers, children, homes, holidays and travelling which I find facinating. I usually find too than when I work with people who have stopped working their garden is very important - it's for that reason that it's a great place to take pictures, using the shrubs and plants as backgrounds.

A few days later I delivered the results during a family get together. A great opportunity to mark the occasion formerly with a few family group shots. Thanks for your hospitality everyone & I hope you enjoy many more happy years together!

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