Photographing Photographers #2

I had a great Easter Monday hanging out with my friend Susannah Fields - a photographer based in North London.

I find that the vast majority of photographers are male, but us girls are seriously catching up now. I speak to a lot of suppliers who have echoed the fact there is a huge growth in the number of female photographers and clients are loving it! Apparently we are better listeners - always a bonus.

Anyway, Susie and I generally talk about the market rather than the technical aspects of cameras & lens which I find very refreshing (I'm not big on reading instruction manuals). We did talk lenses once though and I took the opportunity to take a few shots of Susie. Here are two of my favourites:

Susie returned the favour but had a few problems in getting me to shut up (there's a surprise). She finally tried sponsorship if I'd shut up for more than 1 minute. I failed.

Have a look at Susannah's corporate site as well as her wedding & barmitzvar site. She has an amazing rapport with her clients, a fabulous attitude, as well as a great sense of fun. Thanks for making me laugh!

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