Paul & Kaila's Wedding - Hartsfield Manor, Betchworth (Surrey)

When I met Paul & Kaila last year I knew that they were going to have a brilliant wedding because of their Welsh & Canadian heritage. These are two nations who know how to party! And I love working at Hartsfield Manor because the staff are always amazing and the house is so perfect for a private wedding.

Simply click on the image below and click on the 'play' button to see their mini slideshow. To see all of their pictures, once in the slideshow view, click on the shopping basket and when prompted the password is Paul & Kaila's surname (case sensitive).

When I arrived I was blown away by Kaila's Pronovias dress. I know that I shouldn't have favourites but this is a wedding dress designer who knows how to fit gorgeous brides and is absolutely in my top 3. While the girls finished getting ready I went and found Paul and the guys who looked great in their blue suits (another hit with me). As the guests arrived from far and wide Brian prepared to walk Kaila down the aisle preceeded by Nate as ring bearer who did a fantastic job. The ceremony was full of laughter and joy with a lovely reading by Sylvia. Special mention must go to the flowers which were absolutely stunning in the ceremony room, dining room and also the bouquets and buttonholes. I must find out from Kaila who did them as I would highly recommend whoever provided them. I took the usual signing of the Register shot before everyone else had a go and I found it hysterical that everyone seemed to take a shot but no-one moved from their seat. Very cavalier and original!

[Another first for me was an entire sweetie (candy if you are Nate reading this) shop on site like Woolworths but miles better because it all of the most popular sweets and they were all delicious. I was fascinated and found myself just staring at the display like a 5 year old...]

Out into wonderful sunshine (yippee) for some group photography and then a few of Paul & Kaila in and around the Manor. Into the beautifully decorated dining room and a delicious meal (thanks guys) interspersed with speeches done the Candian way - first Douglas who pretty much brought the house down, followed by Heather and her funny stories about Kaila at school, and next Brian with more stories from Kaila's childhood. Kaila and Melanie were in fits of laughter throughout. And then Paul with his brilliant first date cricket / sunburn story, and finally John who I think went pretty easy on Paul and provided the perfect finish.

Evening guests arrived in time for cake cutting and the first dance before everyone let their hair down on the dancefloor. To finish off their album I took a last shot in front of the Manor and bid everyone good night before heading home. Thanks so much to a wonderful set of ushers (Stuart & Lawrence the chair kings & Dan just for checking on me and keeping me updated) and bridesmaids (Melanie & Becky) who made my job so easy. And thanks also to Kaila & Paul's family & friends who made it a very special day. The Canada girls in particular all looked stunning and I'm so pleased that we got a great shot at the end.

Good luck with your life together and please do keep in touch with your news. x

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