Callum & Family - Family Portrait Photography in West Sussex

I need your help with this post please. Here is Callum and his family who are one of my favourite families to photograph. I first took photos of Callum when he was a baby and it's so fantastic to see him all grown up and still as photogenic as ever.

We had a real giggle with his George & the Dragon outfit along with sword, shield, bow and arrow. Obviously the ensemble wasn't quite finished though... Callum brought along his kung-fu panda which has rather a memorable tune (on no, it's in my head again!) "Everybody is kung-fu fighting...!"

And then after we'd done a few poses with just Callum I threw in Mum & Dad for a mix of serious and fun shots.

Please would you do me a favour and vote using the comments button below this post on which is your favourite just Callum shot and which is your favourite family shot. It would be very helpful as I am doing some research into what makes a good portrait. Huge thanks in advance.

Callum 1 - Preparing for Battle

Callum 2 - Bow

Callum 3 - Ready for Battle

Group 1 - Serious (I made them do this... I really like it's simplicity)

Group 2 - Callum as 'The Boss'

Group 3 - Hug

And to Callum & Family HUGE thanks for coming along and being brilliant once again. You have a star on your hands. Lots of love. E x


Anonymous said...

Obviously Emma I love them all, but my favourites are no. 2, Callum with the bow, best shot of his face and then the family 3 hug shot with them all smiling - they all look so happy - gorgeous

Maria Green said...

I have to totally agree with your previous post Em, my fave of Callum is no.2 and the smiley family shot appeals to me most, although they are all fabulous! Not surprised you enjoyed this photoshoot, looks really enjoyable.

Laura said...

Callum 2 for the eye contact. Group 1. Fab photos Emma!!

Anonymous said...

They're all great, but I love Callum with the bow and the hug shot - you know I love the smiles! Gemma xxx

Sarah Wright said...

Image 3 for the single shot and 3 for the group shot. Wonderful as always Emma.

Sarah Wright said...

Image 3 for the single shot and 3 for the group shot. Wonderful as always Emma.

Anonymous said...

No. 2, Callum with bow - such an amzing shot just captures him & altho i love the 'I am the boss' shot, the family smiling is more representative! Sophie

Anonymous said...

love the family hug photo, hope one is coming to Aus!