The GORGEOUS Dylan - Pet Photography in East Sussex

I've been dying to post these photos!

As most of my readers know I am a huge dog fanatic... all animals really. I had been following Dylan's blog since the day he arrived with Susan & Kev (of course dogs have blogs - click here for Dylan's - it's really brilliant) but I'd never met him so I felt like I already knew him when he came bounding into the studio. The original plan had been to take some pictures on Brighton beach near where he lives but we just didn't get the timings right so instead he came up to me and was just the best poser ever.

He is a Welsh Terrier and just has the most amazing personality - so friendly and happy. It was only when I saw him in profile that I realised how wonderful he would look sat on a chair like this... it's like an old 1900s photograph & I love it.

And then we incorporated Susan & Kev and I feel so awful but I really wanted to create a more trendy & stylised family photo with one of them facing away from me. We tried both options but the one with Kev facing me worked best. I feel so mean! But it's worked so well and I know that if I had a photo of Fred & me then this is the sort of thing that I'd really love. Just my feet or the back of my head would suit me perfectly!

Hope you like these two and speak soon. Thanks so much for coming up from the coast - it was truly a pleasure to meet Dylan. He's gorgeous. x


Forever Foxed said...

What a handsome chap Dylan is!

George The Lad said...

Great photos, he's a hanson WT