Thank Yous (& No Sign of Fred)

I snuck out of the house this evening with my camera and managed to dodge Fred who loves having his photo taken & hates not being the centre of attention.

Here are lovely gifts from Claire & Mike (+ sweet peas from Gill which lasted longer than the choccies but not long enough for me to take this photo). I love that Claire & Mike are organic about most things and chose organic food and wine (locally sourced where possible) for their wedding day. I knew that I could get away with eating the chocolates and then re-attaching the band (ha ha ha), but I thought you might notice the wine so I held off on that.

[Notice how I've planted the choccies into the earth in case they decide to multiply or re-grow somehow...]

And here are Amy & Dave's goergeous flowers.

I really am so blessed with my clients - I keep on saying that I'll stop putting photos up of all of the lovely gifts so as not to embarrass people into giving me anything. I really don't need any more than simply being hired to be a part of people's very special day. I really do mean that, so please don't be swayed my ridiculous excitement when I receive these fab pressies.

Thank you all. Manically album designing now everyone & sorry for the delay. x

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