I'm Back!

I had a truly lovely holiday up in Suffolk - lots of chilling out in a really beautiful area.

Here are a couple of shots from my stay. The pretty little cottage near Polstead (Grove Cottages) plus a tiny detail from my new alpaca jacket which is from The Wool Room 21 High Street, Lavenham where I had a lovely chat with Maggie who keeps both llamas and alpacas and I was facinated to learn how they are shorn. And of course ecstatic to learn the names of the two boys whose wool made up my own new jacket. They are called Toby & Rowan and I even saw their photograph! Lavenham is such a beautiful town and well worth a visit.

And this is Martin Wilmott who I have known for 5 years and who is my marketing guru. Each year we try and have a Christmas meal together so here we are with poppers and crakers. Great to see you, Martin!

I also couldn't resist this pretty bowl on the left from a gorgeous shop (again, in Lavenham) called the Crooked House on the High Street. Do check out their website and you'll see why they are called the Crooked House. The bowl was made by Pru Green and it has pride of place in my office and cheers me every time I look at it. I also came back to a lovely present from Julie & Andy who were married at Alexander House in July.

When the package arrived it was very heavy so I was very intrigued... it was an AMAZING Christmas hamper with pretty much everything you would need over the holidays. Just as well since Mum was laid up with a bad back and I was in charge of cooking (oh dear). Thank you both SO much! Hugely appreciated. E xxx

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