Useful Shopping Advice for Brides

If you are getting married in 2010 and beyond do check out my Facebook page (click on link right) for advice on wedding dresses, shoes, lingerie, bridesmaid dresses, men's outfitters & designers, skin care, hair care, colour schemes, flowers, favours, venues, photography, albums and all things wedding related. These are recommendations based on my experience over the last few years.

You'll also find the occassional references to all things 'dog' as I'm always hearing from clients about fantastic pet products. And if you do have a dog or dogs you'll be pleased to hear that I will gladly photograph them before your wedding day so that they can be included in your album.

I hope to see you on Facebook & if you've been impressed with any of your own wedding suppliers do e-mail me and tell me all about them. I look forward to seeing you on Facebook and hearing from you too.

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