BNI Uckfield: East Sussex National Golf Resort & Spa - 8th July 2009

Today we had James Cumming from J&C Consulting talk to us about the importance of a quality health and safety reports and proceedures. James is a Health & Safety Consultant and he explained how poor health & safety management can affect a company. And here's proof that health & safety can be fun:

I work with children all the time and I am constantly worried about them tripping over cameras, lenses, and even lighting so I am always extremely cautious. Even when I hang a new curtain pole I ensure that I it can take my full weight before I am satisfied. Friends have always wondered what sort of children I know to think that they might head straight for my windows for a game of 'hang off the curtains'.

If you need to contact James his telephone number is 01444 443526.

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